Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Happy New Year!  Yeah I know; far too late to be typing that, but I've been very slack and haven't posted anything since Christmas!

So winter seems to have finally found us, which means I've had chance to wear these!
Cute huh!  I got these gorgeous owl mittens for Christmas, and they're super snugly!

I haven't blogged because I've been really busy, both with boring worky stuff which I won't bore anyone with, and some much more exciting projects...
Firstly I was asked to make a gift for a newborn baby girl, and was given free reign to choose what to do.  I made these two bibs.  I used some of my favourite fabrics in these and backed them in a lovely soft pink fleece so that they're comfy to wear as well as absorbent. 

It was a very special birthday this week, and I wanted to make something cute to go with the present we'd bought her. I decided to try making my first ever clip purse, and personalised it with a little initial bead on it.

I've spent the rest of my 'sewing time' this year working on a couple of quilts. I ordered a jelly roll of Tula Pink's Prince Charming just before Christmas and it arrived on Christmas Eve - super fast! I already had an idea of how I waned the quilt to look; a simple design with blocks of pattern to really show of each the fantastic fabrics. Because they were so simple, the blocks came together quite quickly, and it wasn't too long before the whole quilt top was finished. I chose a soft taupe/beige cotton for the background, and backed in a simple cream cotton.  It's taken a lot of hours to quilt, mainly because I only and my basic machine and standard foot to use, but I think it was worth the effort.  Its in the washing machine as I type, with 3 colour catchers and a heap of good luck thoughts!  Here it was going in....

I've also been working on my Bust Yo Scraps quilt which has involved a lot of fabric sorting, cutting and flying geese....and which I've totally loved!  I promised myself I wouldn't buy any fabric for this quilt, which was harder than I thought to stick to!  The only plain fabric I had enough of for the main pieces was a slate grey/blue colour, and I really wasn't convinced it would look okay.  Despite trying to talk myself into buying some white or cream fabric, I stuck to my original 'no buying fabric' plan, and I must say that now its put together I actually quite like it!  I've nearly finished piecing the blocks together and I have a couple of options for backing fabric, but I think it'll be a while before I get chance to get it basted and quilted.

And what's Alfie been up to while I've been busy.....He found a nice pile of laundry to get comfy on!  Well, you may as well be nice and comfy while your supervising, eh!