Friday, 8 June 2012

A new arrival

I got to go and meet a new baby this week.  She was born just over a week ago and is absolutely beautiful!  I made this quilt for a couple of months ago ready for her arrival and delivered it to her today; it really wasn't exciting enough for her to wake up for but luckily her equally gorgeous big sister is an expert at present opening and was happy to help out. 

I chose the red and white Scandinavian prints and the duck egg blue fabric before I knew what sex she was going to be, but when my friend told me she was having a girl, I picked the red and pink spotty fabric to use as both backing and binding. 

Once she had arrived, I embroidered her name and date of birth on the top and bottom borders of the quilt, using a pearle thread in an almost identical shade of duck egg blue,making it very subtle but very personal to her. I'd also made her two matching bibs, which seemed teeny when I made them but huge compared to the tiny newborn! x


  1. Beautiful! I like the binding. What size do you cut your binding strips?

  2. Thanks Kris. I cut my binding at 2.5", and double up the batting under it to make it nice and squidgy

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