Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Leeds, Leeds and a bit more Leeds

Last week was a really busy one, both at home and work, not least because I needed to fit three 70ish mile trips to Leeds in.  My daugher came with me on the first trip, and we managed to fit in some shopping, although our grand illusions of getting all the Christmas shopping done were completely shattered!  We called into the Corn Exchange where I found the (hopefully) perfect present for my boyfriend, Huw, who is incredibly difficult to buy for, and got to watch the artists at work in the centre space.  We also discovered the Blue Rinse Vintage shop, which we both loved.

Four days later I headed back, on the train this time, to attend a regional meeting for work. Missing my train in a high drama, slow motion-esque style was not the best start to the day and I wasn't thrilled at having to risk hyerthemia waiting around for an hour.  The ticket collector on the next train was so happy, singing Christmas carols as he checked tickets and cheering everyone up.  I couldn't help smiling when I noticed the little Christmas tree stamp he'd used on my ticket - how cute!  The meeting was held in the Shine Business Centre - a gorgeous old building coversion which showcases the work of local artists as well as providing conference and meeting rooms.

The final trip was with Huw to a Christmas Party that I'd been really looking forward to.  Much like last year, it was a fab evening spent with lovely people, gorgeous food, dubious dancing and waaay too much alcohol.  Anyone who know's me knows I'm not a drinker, in fact the last time I'd got a bit squiffy was at the same party 12 months earlier, so it wasn't a great surprise to wake up the next moring feeling a little delicate.  Still, we managed to fit in a trip to Ikea on the way home, even if it was with noticeably little patience or enthusiam (both of us) and a minor meltdown when the foody shop had no Dime bars (yeah, that was me).  I picked up some fabric for a special project - the photo really doesn't do it justice!
The rest of the week, when not working, was spent trying to finish off Christmas presents.  I'd decided to make a few pressie's this year for my friends children but had been so busy first getting ready for the December fayre...and then making items that had been ordered, that I hadn't had chance to make them.  Cue a few very late nights and a lot of sanity questioning...but hey presto, they're finally finished!  I made little personalised aprons, and we'll give them with small wooden utensils, sets of cookie cutters and children's cook books.  I've put press studs on the bottom of the aprons, so that they can be made different lengths as the girlies get older, and used velcro on the neck strap for safety.  The main fabric is the Ikea pink and red spot cotton, and I found the ice cream fabric which I used for the trim in my local quilting shop. 

 Again the photo doesn't do them any favours - I really must work on taking some better photos, but at this time of the year it's too dark both before I leave for work and once I'm back home.

Well with Christmas only a few days away, the rest of the week at work and a couple of gifts still to make, I really better get on! x

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