Sunday, 29 April 2012

Siblings Together Quilt #2

It's official; I LOVE granny squares!  Ever since I saw this post by Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches I've wanted to make one and Siblings Together gave me the perfect opportunity.

On Monday a parcel of purple Jennifer sent so that I could make another quilt for this wonderful charity, and so over the weekend I've got stuck in and turned it into this quilt.  I must apologise for the photos; it's been raining all day and is so dull and dreary, and cee pee hasn't been around with her camera so I've taken these shots on my phone.  They don't do the fabric justice - they're much brighter and cheerier!

I kept the stitching simple, quilting the sashing and each granny square to make them puff out slightly.  As the last one I finished was such a nightmare to quilt I was apprehensive about this one, but it was a dream to stitch - no seam ripper required!

The backing fabric is un-apologetically colourful!  I spotted this a couple of weeks ago and knew it would be perfect for a quilt.  There was just enough of this purple squares fabric to use for binding, which hopefully frames the quilt well.

While the wind and rain battered the windows this afternoon, I sat on the sofa under this quilt with Alfie watching one of my favourite films for the millionth time and hand stitching the binding; so we can testify it's snuggliness!  It's since been in the washer (with two colour catchers that it turned out not to need!) and dryer, and has shrunk slightly so that it has wrinkled nicely.  It has ended up at 52" x 62", which will hopefully be the perfect size for whoever it goes on to belong to to snuggle under it.  Once the label has arrived and been stitched on, it will be parcelled up with this quilt and sent off ready to be given out at one of the Siblings Together summer camps.

There are still loads of ways to get involved with the Siblings Together Quilt Group.  Why not check out the flickr page and have a look at the amazing blocks and quilts being made?


  1. You made this in a week? Wow! Love your granny squares. It does look comfy! I love snuggle time with my doggie!!

    1. Duke looks like a very good snuggler Kris! x

  2. just popped by to let you know I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award Hope that ok with you details are on my blog x

  3. it's just lovely and there will be one happy sibling this summer :-)